Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new blog .. no blog .... keep blog ... new blog ...

a sneak peak of a bouquet we did a few weeks back for a Riehl event that was spectacular. more to come ... but somewhere else!

Thought i better at least offer you something visual in this primarily textual post. SO i know i know the blog changes .. where are they? well in the end they really are only half way there! let me explain.

First off the inspiration behind the blog changes occurred months and months ago when i attended nancy liu chin's wedding floral academy in san fran. I learned a great deal about little ways i can improve my company many of which were of a technical nature. i came home with a huge list of goals and i chipped away at them one by one based on how i prioritized. a few months later i met with a good photog friend of mine and we also discussed these much needed technical changes and why. she got me motivated and inspired to indeed change my blog from a blogspot to an embeded wordpress. so it got moved up the list a little, then down, then up, then down. then i finally found the time to work on it. no easy feet if you want to structure and customize it yourself without paying someone for a template. and lets face it i aint the smartest techno tool in the shed. so after a significant amount of time trying to make it work and a trial and error period i have temporarily thrown in the towel. the change is partially there in the format of a wordpress blog, a new one that actually looks very similar to the old one with minimal changes but its not at properly embedded and therefor does not accomplish what its meant to.

this is not to say that i dont still believe in the reasons behind the needed change, i very much do! and i bet your wondering what they are ... so you'll have to go to the new blog {that doesnt quiet serve its full purpose to find out!} its more to say that i have great opps in my life regarding business all of which are great endeavors and intrigue me. and i just dont have the time to accomplish it all all at once. and so because of the frustrating nature of this project and its time consumption this far its stage will stop here for a time.

please please please bookmark the new blog!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

sitting bouquets

amy's sitting bouquet from a week or so ago. classic simple. plum mini callas, hot pink wrap with some fun pearl pin details.

janessa's white petite sitting clutch white anemone and white scabiosa wrapped with simple black swiss satin.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

guest blogger on UTBNG . the blue room .

We recently did this whimsical centerpiece for the blue room @ the blue lemon in highland. Some of you may have already seen it, they had a booth at the thanksgiving point show a few weeks back where this was the main focal piece. I love the blue lemon, their food is absolute! and the blue room, well its a delightful venue option to consider!

Once a month at UBB we switch blog posts with the fantastic tessa wolfe at UTBNG bridal buzz blog. So today i am a guest blogger on her blog. you can see my post on Finding Your Florist here ...

whats to come ... whats behind a new blog and why its taking so long ... several bridal sitting bouquets, & a fantastic wedding!

Monday, April 19, 2010

patience iago

your probably wondering when these blog changes are coming and what they are and why we are so absent from blogging. there are tons of exciting things going on at studio stems including this striking red simple tulip bouquet we did for a sitting last week {wedding occurs this week fantastic anthro rooftop feel!} but all my blogging time is going towards working out new blog kinks until today of course when i came to that throw in the towel point, lets face it, i am no computer whiz! serves me right i suppose for teasing you to early on! changes are still coming, and yes i am back in the office and in full swing studio work. patience iago patience iago.

meet gabrielle .. our new intern from the life design transition program @ jordan school district.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

out of the office

one of my favorite brian valentine images

I will be out of the office wed april 7th until monday april 12th. all emails and phone call inquiries will be returned then! have a spectacular week!

*** blog changes to come next week be ready!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

mad hatter @ market street

studio stems recently accommodated the tables @ market street grill with these simple & fun mad hatter style centerpieces for a sorority event for Riehl Events. It was fun to do something so off the wall yet simple.

This time of the year is what we here @ studio stems(& many others in the industry) call 'consult season' so i must apologize for our lack of blogging we are very busy with other priorities. we have so many fun things happening here at the studio as well as fun designs in the process. we also have been contributing blog time to some blog changes that are soon to come so stay tuned.

Happy Easter weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A few weeks back we did a turquoise wedding, and though turquoise is a HOT color trend this year, bride's dont usually ask for their flowers to actually be that color. This bride came to me after a flopped bridal sitting bouquet that turned out more green then turquoise. She thought because i do some airbrushing that i could pull off what she wanted. it did take some persistence and i guess it paid off because i complied with her wishes and she got a perfect match on color thats for sure! a challenge non the less. thanks shalice!

the main focus of the bouquet was clearly the amazing casa lily lined with turq gems. painted mini callas brought some pow color and white roses, tulips, and lilies filled it up. small accents of silver foliage were also involved.

wrist corsages were budget friendly hand made wire cuffs with greens and white button mums and little bits of silver foliage.

the bridesmaids carried a single calla with a stem detail that they later dropped into a vase to double as a centerpiece. the men all wore classic white calla or rose bouts. We made a few centerpieces for variety, all of which were simple, a tall silver curly willow focus, short turq focus and of course the bridesmaids vases. simple and unique ... turq unique.

WORKSHOP NOTE: thanks to all of you who have expressed interest. I have decided to only do 5 travel workshops this year and 3 of those spots have been booked, so if your contemplating this at all please contact me ASAP as my own wedding schedule is also booking up! thanks!