Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I very likely could be the poster girl for branding inconsistency! i never can find creative happiness in a logo that is everything i need and want it to be. That all being said i think this is closest to logo bliss i have ever been .... so here it is unveiled. the new branding for studio stems. i would like to say that it comes with a sealed stamp of long term consistency ... but if i say that it wont, if i dont say it at all then of course it will so lets not say anything at all! I also have to send HUGE shout out to megan of pink piggy designs for putting up with me! for creating yet another fabulous logo and for being a great friend and business partner! be sure to check out some fresh new tunes, ok so only 2 new songs i couldnt give up the rest as well as new logo and new images on the site!

I look forward with excitement to 2010 as studio stems continues to progress into something i can be proud of. This year much {and i do mean much} of my work is featured in local magazines as well as even a bouquet on a cover! So go pick up a copy of Utah bride and groom mag january 1st! (cause thats my fav!) Many local blogs will continue to feature the work and writings of yours truly including my own little spawn i share with megan Utah Bride Blog i will continue to write for Pink Blossom List starting back up in feb so for all your florists who follow be sure to find me there as well.

Outstanding 2009 events have yet to be blogged so look forward to that as we all look forward to another great year! Have a safe & joyful celebration of what has past and moving forward. Thanks once again to all of you that have supported me and continue to support me!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Utah Bride and Groom article

this little tid bit has been tweeked from my previous doing for other sites and blogs and in line with some fellow artists for UT B&G check it out here!

Monday, December 14, 2009

cereh & her amazing bouquet

cereh & tarans wedding was just a few months ago. This bouquet was so suited to cereh and so custom her. they were a delight to work with and for and this bouquet was one large rock of beauty.

photographs courtesy of: atmosphere photo

Monday, December 7, 2009

alta moda SALE!!!!!

Alta Moda (the best bridal boutique in the state ... in my opinion!) is having their annual sample sale. This is your chance ladies to get a couture gown that you otherwise could not afford!

To make room for new 2010 arrivals gowns will be marked down 50-85%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! several gowns will be as low as $400 and many options under $1000.

Just imagine, a Monique Lhiullier gown for under $1000!!!

There will be dresses from all of your favorite designers; Vera Wang, Melissa Sweet, Augusta Jones, Rosa Clara, …and the list goes on.

Good things to know:

* Sale hours are 10am - 5pm, December 12th only

* No appointments: First come, First served (wait list)

* Gowns are sold as is

* No holds and all sales final

* Most gown are suited for street sizes 4-12

* We only do this once a year, so now is the time

* Space is limited; bring along only the key decision makers

We love our gowns and treat them with the best of care, so you can be assured you are getting a glorious gown at a sensational price.

Sample Sale. December 12th. Tell your friends!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the beginning of the end of '09

Tis the season! it is upon us! i made this collage for UBB flower friday and i wanted to share the seasonal inspiration.

i have not been the blogger that i expect so that for sure means that your expectations have been disappointed. at this busy time of year some fun new things are coming the way of studio stems including several editorial publications even a cover! shhhh! a lot going on at UBB, new logo and web design and some fun new blog changes along with several posts like cereh & tarans wedding, amy's wedding and a few other odds and ends. Its been a spectacular year for studio stems. Its been a year of growth & change. Those are the years that really extend and push me and just like a difficult yoga class, feel so good in retrospect.

i want to thank all my clients this year! LIz S. MACU, Brooke H, Erika, Enizio, Sarah M, Jaycie, Maren, Megan P, Alysa, Joey & Nadia, Jacque, Katie, Breauna, Rachel, Halley, Brittany, Ashley L, Megan N, Whitney, Cereh, Amy Q, & last but very much NOT least Eve & Rob!

A big shout out needs to go to my partner in all business crime ... megan bailey w/pink piggy design and co-owner of UBB! I cant do this without you girl.

there are also so many other vendors that make me feel like i am part of a family and are a huge players in the success of studio stems. i want you all to know how grateful i am for your business & personal friendships!

Whimsy, nancy liu chin, roze photography, rebekah westover, dustin izatt, jessie evans, alta moda, retrospect, enizio, alpine event rentals, log haven, la caille, sundance, laughing gravy, sugar kisses, melissa kelsey, esprit, red mt, FSS, vanessa millecam, & no doubt i have missed a few!

Friday, November 20, 2009

behind the scenes ... cost vs. art

As the market corrects causing the un-savy shopper to become savy, the wedding industry is also under financial scrutiny, including the cost of wedding flowers. More then ever in my eleven year floral career, brides are asking me what flowers cost. sometimes they are finding this out for themselves … and then they are asking me why a single stem boutonniere that carries a cost of only $1 is being charged at a $7-$10 rate. So following in suit (with permission of course) of some other amazing designers across the nation (ie nancy liu chin, amy of hidden garden, david dahlson w/mayesh, sean low and a few others) I want to break it down for you as to what it is that you GET when you “get what you pay for.”

Ill try to keep it simple and straight forward. For simplicity take this bouquet for example (that i chose for seasonal reasons):

here is what you will need to make this bouquet, this is cost only you may not use the entirety of product but you will have to purchase it to create this one piece.

1 bunch of black magic roses $22
1 bunch of red france roses $22
1 bunch of red berry $9
1 bunch of salal or lemon leaf or foliage $5.25
1 bunch of red tulips $10
1 box of pins $2.50
1 spool of ribbon $6
1 spool of floral tape $1.50

the basic costs of goods to make this bouquet rings in @ $78.25

now consider what a few other elements going into this bouquet might be worth. What about the design of flowers that so eloquently marry each other, how they are grouped and or arranged? The knowledge of knowing that before hand and not being reliant on an assumption that the combination you have chosen will look good. Basically what about experience that ultimately ends in a piece of art that has a bit more integrity then an un-experienced DIY bouquet done by someone with little to no experience? The energy to order them, pick them up, store them, hydrate them, arrange them, finish them, and deliver them? Yeah you can avoid all this expense by doing it yourself if you have lots of time, great resources, some serious know how and a few other skills, or your aunt kate can do it as well, but what is the outcome? Great floral designs really can make or break your wedding, and I mean this literally! They are often the focus and indication of how nice your wedding was and what style it entailed in all your forever pictures you just paid a great photographer for (i hope you have done this at least). So lets say you recognize this and you want works of art for your floral designs. Above and beyond the costs you see above, what are you willing to pay for those other underlying less physically tangible things to consider? What is someones time & talent worth to you? What should their markup be? What about covering their company expenses before they even make a profit? Like the advertising that got you to them in the first place, their insurance that covers the unimaginable, the gas for all the driving around they did for that one bouquet? a professional florists needs to 'account for their costs and pay themseleves a LIVING wage” as david w/mayesh would say.

So is this bouquet worth $160 to you? Its cost plus match? Is it worth $200? is it worth more? Does it depend on who its coming from? What I want you to know is this, more often then not you get what you pay for. If you want your catering done out of your kitchen from costco by aunt jane then thats what your catering will taste & look like and so on and so on. But most importantly I want you to know that if you ask your professional florist to break it down for you, he or she just might be willing to show you how meager their income really is. sometimes a little light shed is a valuable piece of knowledge.

In fact I think this concept pertains to nearly every vendor in the wedding industry. Many soon to wed couples think about doing invitations, catering, photographer and other resources themselves. But what is the value of a pro doing it right?

I do realize the doom and gloom of the current financial crisis and how it is truly curtailing the dreams of many betrothed. I dont doubt that a DIY path may be the only option and I dont mean to offend or downplay great possibilities that come out this, I sincerely wish you all the best. I merely mean to educate you as consumers as to what you get when you get flowers vs art or food vs catering or images vs photography and the values associated with both sides. There are ways to work around the economy with your vendors, they are full of options. Seek them out and utilize their expertize.

Monday, November 16, 2009

wedding floral acadamy

Last week i journeyed out to san francisco (a city of my heart) with my assistant jules to attend, participate, and help with Wedding Floral Academy.

i cannot say enough about nancy liu chin and her eloquent teaching & design abilities. she is a selfless designer contributing back more then most do. I came home overwhelmed in the most positive sense of the word. workshops are about education & ultimately growth. an opportunity to take advantage of. i came home with some major growth in nearly all areas of life and my business. few endeavors supply such a balanced experience of growth. If you are a designer seeking further education, wedding floral academy is a must!

the first few days were business focused, i am filled with excitement to implement ideas that i know will better my company thanks to this healthy rejuvination. then we spent a few days at flower market on brannan to experience floral design. a few things that came out of it for me ...

a big shout and thanks to nancy of course as well as stacy with the flirty bride for one amazing quick blogging course! and for her industry involvement. Also the other participants, mainly marion, jen, jean, kelly, anne, and last but very much not least for julia, making the trip an adventure of a lifetime. thanks for going on this journey with me girl! never forgotten!

Friday, November 13, 2009

rachel & ker on my blog & UBB

this wedding is a revisit on this blog but these are pro pics provided by emily brown photography. so i thought it was worth some nostalgia. its also on UBB today!

so ihave just returned from WFA with Nancy Liu Chin i have so much to share. its almost overwhelming but its so fantastic and i feel so rejuvinated in business and design.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

WFA bound!

its time, the day has finally arrived. studio stems is headed to san fran for WEDDING FLORAL ACADEMY with NANCY LIU CHIN! i can hardly wait. Nancy is and has been an amazing mentor to me and i am so excited to go out there and help her with this educational artistic experience. therefor i will be out of the office from ... friday the 6th - thursday the 12th. all emails and messages will be returned then.

enjoy some of nancy's work while you smolder in your jealousy!

good posts to come when i arrive back, several weddings and some great informational stuff.

Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween

one of my favorite things ... my gem studded tarantula necklace .. i have a dark side too! its slight but there. some dark wedding inspiration ....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

as promised breauna's goooorgeous wedding

lets just start with breauna herself ... beautiful bride!!! this is from her sitting where we did a simple nearly monochromatic bouquet of dahlias, buds, mag leafs & curly willow. up front i want to thank and recognize the amazing talent of vanessa millecam for these gorgeous photos and great work!

then there was her wedding day bouquet ... breauna wanted her flowers to be gorgeous but as she would say it "sort of dead looking" something a little nightmare before christmas but still gorgeous and in her color scheme. i used antique hydrangea, petal less sunflowers, poppy pods, brown cym orchids, dahlias & buds, mini callas, curly willow, & mag leafs to create this look custom for her!

mothers wrists adorned pearl bracelet base with brown cym orchids and small bud details

bridesmaids bouquets were small versions of the brides. flower girl carried a button pomander. all ribbon was dark chocolate brown.

the boys in their classic and simple bouts the groom adorned a mini calla with a dahlia bud, mag leaf and curly willow while his groomsman mimicked his creation but without the calla.

breauna wanted tall centerpieces in classic glass V containers and curly willow was a must and so was that borderline dead feeling.

sugar kisses created this marble masterpiece cake that i then adorned with a cage style wrap of curly willow and fresh flowers.

it was a pleasure to work with breauna & her family every step of the way and turned out a gracefully, gorgeous, and nearly dead event.

Monday, October 12, 2009

sneak peak ... OOO

breauna's bouquet ... more to come!

Out. Of. Office.

i will be out of the office from oct 12-20th. i am cutting myself off from the wedding world for some much needed rejuvination. all messages will be returned after the 20th. thanks.

photography credit: vanessa millecam

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

studio stems on UTB&G

love when my stuff is exposed two days in a row! check it out here!!!

PS not to mention how grateful i am for the gracious writings of another blog/mag. i dont always see myself the way they do but it sure feels good.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


check out studio stems feature wedding {breauna & ted} on Utah Bride Blog ... more flower pics to come on my blog!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ashley's summer wedding

i think this might be my most fav ever ring/flower pic. i love crespedia, the modernism in natural form they convey speaks to me. these photos are courtesy of Jeni Boston photography

Thursday, September 24, 2009

as promised ...

Rachel & ker 9.12.09

this pic hardly does this very unique bouquet justice! cant wait to see the real pics with the actual bride holding it. its a lot bigger then it looks as well. oh the perspective of a lens ... two tones of english garden roses, signature black callas and monkey tails wrapped in brown satin and classic pearl line! oh oh and crespedia!

rachels aisle was lined with classic shepherd hooks and pomanders done in a natural style with variety of greens, whites and browns.

centerpieces in short rectangular vases wrapped in cork with a unique variety of flowers and color!

throw bouquet ... unique as well and of course doubling at another table!

look for better pics to come at emily brown photography

venue: log haven