Tuesday, March 31, 2009

isnt this couple HOT!

how gorgeous is this couple? i mean seriously ... so this is sarah & dan's groomal sitting. photos courtesy of the talented rebekah westover. sarah & dan will wed in the SLC T on april 24th and then dine afterwords at the chic hotel monaco. this event will rock in the way of floral design and i absolutely cant wait to create. this bouquet for sarah's sitting is entirely different then her wedding day ansemble, however its simple and striking with its two bold tones or orange and yellow. mango mini callas, and orange spray rose, a little greenery for added measure and a brown swiss satin wrap. thanks guys!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEW .... logo, music, colors, pics, facebook, everything!

you may have noticed a little face lift on our blog & site. face lifts hurt! yes they do, and they take work! from a skilled surgeon. (team of surgeons in this case) thanks megan! as an artist i get bored and need change as i evolve. so you reap the entertainment benefits of it all. check out our site, become our fan on FB, comment on the blog! and enjoy!

*photo by dustin izatt photography

Friday, March 27, 2009

jessie alexis photography at Thansgiving Point show

some preeeeety tulips for JAE's booth at this weekends thanksgiving point wedding expo
tonight 4-8 tomorrow 10-6

Thursday, March 26, 2009

freshen up

arent callas magnificent?

there are lots of new posts coming! a lot of work has happened in the last few weeks but few moments captured by my camera .... so be waiting. we are also freshening up with a new logo and colors very soon! you know me ... i get bored!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

brooke @ wadley farms

this weekend we did these simplistic fun designs for brooke. her venue was wadley farms and it all seemed so fitting!
her bouquet was a simple clutch of yellow narcissi, white tulips, and ruscus accent ... tied with adorable polka.dot ribbon. her bridesmaids' bouquet .... an even more simple clutch of tulips tied with the same ribbon. pictured here also is the grooms boot matching up with the bouquet with a little added lily grass. the few on site decor arrangements done for brooke included yellow freesia, white tulips, white & yellow stock, ruscus, lily grass, and wax either in galvanized containers or mason jars.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

studio stems is still looking for 2 more clients for the bouquet giveaway. please apply via email to info@studiostems.com ~ i need to know your name, contact info, date bouquet will be needed and if its for a shoot or actual wedding, location it will be needed, color scheme, picture of dress, and photographer name and link. these bouquets are valued between $200-$400 dollars but you will only be charges cost. between $30-$150. contact us ASAP!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

bouquet give away ....

thats right studio stems is giving some bouquets away .... here are the details....

as a designer i get cravings to do certain things. sometimes i get to do those things with clients, other times its a bit too edgy for clients. i recently attended a design class and realized that i want/need to do some things that i have been dreaming up artisticaly. i have about 6 designs in mind. they range from a more traditonal feel with a twist to very edgy. i want to GIVE them away for COST ONLY. this means you would be getting bouquets from studio stems, from me ... for $30-$200 that would normally be $150-$500. here are the rules ...

1.If your an exisiting client and your designs are done you cannot apply, if your designs are not done and your an existing client you can apply. otherwise this is open to any and all brides for bridal sitting bouquets or wedding day bouquets.
2. color schemes are available to be customized to you on 5 of the bouquets.
3. i will not divulge designs until we have chatted and i have determined what design would best suit the applicant
4. you must have a professional photographer, that is willing to comp me a disc of images that include the bouquet, or you must own the rights to your disc and allow me to copy your pics for advertising use.
5. you must pay costs up front.

want to apply?

please send this info to info@studiostems.com
Brides name:
Date bouquet is needed:
Target cost price range:
Location of shoot or wedding:
a few descriptive sentences about the mood and style your trying to create with your dress & event would also be helpful!