Friday, January 29, 2010


today you can see the works and features of studio stems on UBB and a little tid bit on UTBNG check them both out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just a few snapshots (by me nothing glam) of the first wedding of 2010 for studio stems. Grand America, silver, white, and navy blue color scheme. several varieties of one type of centerpiece and also a crazy silver winter tree for the sign in. we used glass, urns, silver flute, silver candleabra's, and silver boxes as well as lots of bling and crystals. i hope on this one there will be more to come in a pro image format.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bouquet giveaway!!! that means FREE peeps

BRIDAL SITTING BOUQUET GIVEAWAYS! I am going to do this a tad different than in years past, the benefactors will be thrilled, this year all bouquets will be FREE, not even cost will be charged. I will be doing 3-5 stages of them throughout the entire 2010 year. and this is how it will work. For each stage I will be posting 3 inspiration pictures that exemplify the creations I am chomping at the bit to design in real life, the color schemes and styles will be clear through these inspiration images but no further information regarding the bouquets will be given.

* bouquet cannot be used for actual wedding day, bridal pictures only ... UNLESS you hire studio stems to do all the floral's for the event.

*no brides currently booked/consulted with studio stems at the time of each posting are eligible.

*must have reputable professional photographer approved by studio stems

*application should be emailed to audrey @ include your name, email, phone number, wedding date, location, bridal sitting date, location of bridal sitting, photographer, dress color & style {picture if possible}, picture of bride {can be casual snapshot}, what inspiration image bouquet your interested in and why that one, why you want a studio stems bouquet and why you want it FREE. {be creative but honest please!}

If I chose to explore your further candidacy you will be required to sign a simple contract along with your photographer stating that images of the bouquet {good ones} both by itself and with the bride {a minimum of 15 images} will be taken and given to studio stems promptly after the shoot takes place with full copyright release.

and of course you can always call {801.404.0927} or email me {} with any further questions

so without further ado .... this stages 3 inspiration images ...

vintage garden romance

a passionate eye

elegantly BOLD

Saturday, January 16, 2010


have a good long weekend

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a revisit & a look ahead

how could i not revisit the exquisite ...

sizzling hot ... i know! so this is a little revisit to one of the most fab events from 2009. thanks to lindsay jane photography for the prof pics! I didnt share much of this event before because i simply am not a great photographer ... i know i know same old song and dance. just enjoy!

brittany was one of those brides that miss talking to and interacting with, could she be more gorgeous? her bouquet was all english garden roses and it smelled so delish. it was classic and fit her, and her venue well.

darling bridal party. clearly britt's colors where browns, creams, and greens. with a few accents and details in pale pinks. Half the bridesmaids carried pale pink english garden rose bouquets and the other half carried cream colored english garden rose bouquets.

flower girls ... some of the cutest i have yet to see! carried classic green button pomander balls.

english garden roses make fantastic wrist corsages if i do say so myself!

great venues make such a big difference in ambiance and la caille is no exception. i worked there a lot this year. and for this event i enlisted the help of one of my fav industry peeps, alpine event rentals to supply fantastic chandeliers everywhere!

the centerpieces had these darling table numbers made by pink piggy and each table had a trio of monochromatic arrangements in classic glass vases.

classic hanging pomander balls at the ceremony gazebo.

petals down the aisle were arranged in a paisley pattern multi toned and roped off until the bridal party entered.

megan @ pink piggy and i collaborated on this candy buffet. its nice to have a florist take care of this for you, they have unlimited resources on containers and vases so why not, worked out perfectly!

thanks britt for letting me be part of your special day!

LOOKING AHEAD 2010 - are you looking ahead to spend less? you may notice a new promo section on the side bar at the top of the blog. here you will find promotional things going on here at studio stems. first noticy a policy waiver on our $1000 min order policy for weddings in february - april. so be sure to contact me even if your budget is small. i also have some fun stuff on the horizon to offer you like another set of giveaway sitting bouquets! woo woo. so be sure to stay tuned.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pink Piggy Design {new site debut}

So i have waited exactly 7 months to post these pictures {or at least some of them!} this last summer Megan @ pink piggy design organized a collaboration of vendors to participate in one stellar photo shoot that primarily showed off her amazing invites. It really turned out to be amazing for all of us! Retrospect {photography} alta moda {provided gowns} enizio {hair & makeup artistry} and of course yours truly {flowers} and then the invites from pink piggy {the reason}

The whole point of this shoot was very themed as megan was preparing to launch a new vintage elegance website to showcase her astonishing works of art. That day has finally come! so head to her site now! here is a little taste of her candy ...

want more? you must go visit her site! You can also see her own write up on her new site debut on UBB. and you can also leave a comment on UBB that may just get you a little complimentary treat!

so my inspiration for the shoot was the marie antoinette feel megan was trying to create. i created 5 bouquets for this shoot {more to be seen in many other places}. the two pictured here are very different, one is curly willow and big bloomed hydrangea with my fav vintage champagne brown ribbon. the other is a layered style with light tones of large blooms flowers and deep rich smaller bloom accents.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Utah Bride & Groom mag 2010

so its officially hit news stands! thats a studio stems bouquet on that cover. a very fall like organic one!

not only can you see my eye candy on the cover but inside the mag too including a pic of me in a tip box accomidated with words. publication has been a yearly goal for me for several years. and each and every year it gets better and better. id like to thank tessa wolf @ Utah Bride & Groom for a great relationship and opportunities for which i am super grateful for and for her friendship.