Friday, June 26, 2009


great name, great bride, great bouquet!!!! need i say more?

photog: rebekah westover
flowers: coxcomb, poppy pods, petal-less painted sunflowers, yellow freesia, & red mondara.

Friday, June 19, 2009

june bloom

so june is typically wedding blitz month! i took this years june off for my little peanut saylor. so this year june has turned into bridal sitting month for studio stems rather then wedding month! every week has included a few sitting bouquets. i have loved just the right amount of creative outlet for my circumstances and some fun brides & bouquets. I am looking forward to some more full fledged events.

today's post is courtesy of sweet memory garden photography ...

Kate has been a delightful client and she is so beautiful and fun. the weather has been june gloom this month and nearly every shoot i have been involved with has had some rain issues but kate's was the most adventerous and yet still such amazing turn out! her wedding is the one and only june wedding studio stems will be doing and its coming up fast next week so watch for more! we used a bright array of a sunset lily, green cymbidium orchids, mini callas, anemone, and freesia. kate's fabulous look was created by the one and only enizio

whats to come .... jacque's two bouquet bridal shoot, melissa's shoot, peacock feather bouquet, eve's original and amazing shoot bouquet, and megan's harley davidson wedding :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

revisiting sarah & daniel

hotel monaco .... slc utah ... sarah & daniel .... spring 2009 .... modern ....

photography - rebekah westover

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

teaser & workshop openings

enjoy this little teaser from megan's wedding. it was @harley davidson and was boss. more to come of course. thanks to the wonderful dustin izatt.

i am opening up 3 more workshop summer dates. want to know what a workshop even is?

here at studio stems i get weekly inquiries about hiring, internships, or people just flat out wanting to learn. i have decided to offer all you inquirers an opportunity. studio stems will be offering mini workshops periodically. the best thing about these workshops is that they will also be real experience with our team as we prep and complete events. you will be an employee for the day, one that can ask as many questions as you like and one that i will be specifically paying extra attention to in efforts to educate you on the ins and outs of it all and there is nothing more valuable then real experience on a real event. *clients rest assured that you still get me and my whole team as it was prior to now!

dates for the workshops are June 26-27, july 24-25, and july 31st and aug 1st

rate will be $300 per workshop

if you are interested email me at
i need your name, contact info, what dates your interested in, what experience you have, and why you want to participate in the workshop, also what you would like to learn.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

joey + nadia

my brother & his bride ... believe it or not a rare opp for a pro bono event.

english garden roses, hydrangea, amaranthus, sahara roses, & mini callas

*** a big shout out to Jessie Alexis Photography for providing me with these pics but more then that for being such a great vendor!

also another shout out to Julia Rex for being the best workshop participant ever!

and then a shout out to my brother whom i am so proud of and love dearly!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


URGENT! so i hope to find one really really lucky bride with some serious flexibilty & a great photog who is also flexible. perhaps for a bridal sitting shoot. i have some amazing very open gorgeous darker pink peonies. i want to make a bouquet and get some great shots of it. for those of you who dont know peonies are a pretty penny and a bouquet of this nature would be somewhere in the $300+ range. ITS FREE. but the catch is i need it to be shot sunday or monday (yes like in the next two days)! maybe, maybe tuesday morning at the latest. they are almost through their delightfulness so this is URGENT.

if you want to apply please email me at with your name, contact info and link to your photogs work and when you could shoot.

**** all my photog friends forward this to brides or email me if you can come get the bouquet and shoot it by itself! thanks peepS!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wedding floral academy by Nancy Liu Chin

in november Nancy Liu Chin is doing a 3 day wedding floral design workshop. space is imited and this is a priceless experience. I for one will be attending and contributing! and its in my most fav city in the US good old San Fran. visit her workshop blog here for more info! and contact her ASAP for a spot.

Monday, June 1, 2009


the peony is one of my favorite things. thats right things ... not just one of my fav flowers. its a pricey stem, but so amazing. i recently moved out of my home & studio and am renovating a new one. in the meantime i am at grandmas and so comes the blessing of a mature yard. big in bloom peony bushes. the color is incredible and i cant stop going out to visit these buets! i had to share! i may make something with them or even throw them into one lucky bride's bouquet!

soon to come ... more from joey & nadia's event, an amazing wedding at the coolest venue in town (harley), and lots and lots of bridal sitting bouquets.

just a reminder that i am not available for consults until mid-june.