Saturday, June 6, 2009


URGENT! so i hope to find one really really lucky bride with some serious flexibilty & a great photog who is also flexible. perhaps for a bridal sitting shoot. i have some amazing very open gorgeous darker pink peonies. i want to make a bouquet and get some great shots of it. for those of you who dont know peonies are a pretty penny and a bouquet of this nature would be somewhere in the $300+ range. ITS FREE. but the catch is i need it to be shot sunday or monday (yes like in the next two days)! maybe, maybe tuesday morning at the latest. they are almost through their delightfulness so this is URGENT.

if you want to apply please email me at with your name, contact info and link to your photogs work and when you could shoot.

**** all my photog friends forward this to brides or email me if you can come get the bouquet and shoot it by itself! thanks peepS!

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