Friday, February 19, 2010

Eve & Rob

could they be any cuter? for real this couple is my all time fav clients ever in a personal how we worked together and jived kind of way. This event was all Eve & Rob it was just simply them, just as it should be. this wedding is featured on utah bride blog today with much descriptive text so please do visit there for more info. here you will just find art photographed.

photography credit: fantastic mrs rebekah westover

venue: sundance

bridal party attire: big star jeans/matix

gown: nancy barruss/avenia bridal

lighting: alpine event rentals

PS: Eve's mom martha {gem of a woman} hired me to floral paradise out the honeymoon suite. unfortunately i do not have pro pictures of this but i do have a few that neens and i took. so ill post on our sneaky adventure soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Brideology is only 2 days away! A mere few precious seats remain! You may have waited to see what your plans were this week or to see if you have the night off ... now is the time to go to the site and register for a ticket! They are nearly gone and this is one bridal party you dont want to miss!

picture courtesy of Utah Brideology

photography courtesy of darla roze

makeup & hair courtesy of enizio

flowers studio stems

Thursday, February 11, 2010

courtesy of prima donna bride

i found this image yesterday while building a UBB inspiration Vday board ... it captured my artistic soul ... HAPPY ROMANCE DAY!

I will be out of the office from feb 11 - 16 all messages of any kind will likely be returned then ..

dont forget brideology is fast approaching ... only 20 tickets left!!! visit here for more info!

another event ... alta moda anne barge trunk show this weekend!!! the 12th & 13th @ alta moda of course!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

color choice

check out my post on UBB today!

picture courtesy of

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FREE giveaway

The vintage inspired bouquet has been taken ... i know bummer right? that seems to be the trend of the year so there are mass quantities of brides looking for that style. Purple passion has also been taken. but the other black, white, and yellow more edgy bouquet is still available. this time around i will post an inspiration pic of a bouquet that inspires me in regards to style and color but be aware that my bouquet will not be a copy. hopefully you know the drill but if your interested i need you to email me at with your name, contact information, photographer, wedding date, or bridal date, and image of your dress!

flowers done by: bella fiori
photography: jared wilson
mag: bride and bloom

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Brideology by definition: the science of bridal planning in all its forms and phenomena with reference to wedding, beauty, romance, entertainment, and education.

A must attend bridal education party will be held on the evening of February 18th 2010 at an exquisite location between Salt Lake and Utah counties. {want location? Visit site} Eight of Utah's leading wedding vendors will be gathering in this place, at this time {seven to nine pm} to share with you {the planning bride} a priceless no pressure educational experience.

You will learn the short & long term value of a professional photographer . what to wear to maximize your engagement pictures . the difference between film makeup and everyday makeup . bridal hair trends . current bridal gown and accesory fashion trends . the value of event design and great rental pieces such as linens . cake tasting . floral trends & the difference between your aunt betty's flowers, a shops flowers, and a designers flowers . costco catering or profesional catering and so much more!

These vendors are providing an priceless education to the planning bride, something that has not been done before. No strings attached just a night of fun! If you want to attend you must visit the brideology site and register, seating is limited.