Friday, February 19, 2010

Eve & Rob

could they be any cuter? for real this couple is my all time fav clients ever in a personal how we worked together and jived kind of way. This event was all Eve & Rob it was just simply them, just as it should be. this wedding is featured on utah bride blog today with much descriptive text so please do visit there for more info. here you will just find art photographed.

photography credit: fantastic mrs rebekah westover

venue: sundance

bridal party attire: big star jeans/matix

gown: nancy barruss/avenia bridal

lighting: alpine event rentals

PS: Eve's mom martha {gem of a woman} hired me to floral paradise out the honeymoon suite. unfortunately i do not have pro pictures of this but i do have a few that neens and i took. so ill post on our sneaky adventure soon.

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