Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new blog .. no blog .... keep blog ... new blog ...

a sneak peak of a bouquet we did a few weeks back for a Riehl event that was spectacular. more to come ... but somewhere else!

Thought i better at least offer you something visual in this primarily textual post. SO i know i know the blog changes .. where are they? well in the end they really are only half way there! let me explain.

First off the inspiration behind the blog changes occurred months and months ago when i attended nancy liu chin's wedding floral academy in san fran. I learned a great deal about little ways i can improve my company many of which were of a technical nature. i came home with a huge list of goals and i chipped away at them one by one based on how i prioritized. a few months later i met with a good photog friend of mine and we also discussed these much needed technical changes and why. she got me motivated and inspired to indeed change my blog from a blogspot to an embeded wordpress. so it got moved up the list a little, then down, then up, then down. then i finally found the time to work on it. no easy feet if you want to structure and customize it yourself without paying someone for a template. and lets face it i aint the smartest techno tool in the shed. so after a significant amount of time trying to make it work and a trial and error period i have temporarily thrown in the towel. the change is partially there in the format of a wordpress blog, a new one that actually looks very similar to the old one with minimal changes but its not at properly embedded and therefor does not accomplish what its meant to.

this is not to say that i dont still believe in the reasons behind the needed change, i very much do! and i bet your wondering what they are ... so you'll have to go to the new blog {that doesnt quiet serve its full purpose to find out!} its more to say that i have great opps in my life regarding business all of which are great endeavors and intrigue me. and i just dont have the time to accomplish it all all at once. and so because of the frustrating nature of this project and its time consumption this far its stage will stop here for a time.

please please please bookmark the new blog!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

sitting bouquets

amy's sitting bouquet from a week or so ago. classic simple. plum mini callas, hot pink wrap with some fun pearl pin details.

janessa's white petite sitting clutch white anemone and white scabiosa wrapped with simple black swiss satin.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

guest blogger on UTBNG . the blue room .

We recently did this whimsical centerpiece for the blue room @ the blue lemon in highland. Some of you may have already seen it, they had a booth at the thanksgiving point show a few weeks back where this was the main focal piece. I love the blue lemon, their food is absolute! and the blue room, well its a delightful venue option to consider!

Once a month at UBB we switch blog posts with the fantastic tessa wolfe at UTBNG bridal buzz blog. So today i am a guest blogger on her blog. you can see my post on Finding Your Florist here ...

whats to come ... whats behind a new blog and why its taking so long ... several bridal sitting bouquets, & a fantastic wedding!

Monday, April 19, 2010

patience iago

your probably wondering when these blog changes are coming and what they are and why we are so absent from blogging. there are tons of exciting things going on at studio stems including this striking red simple tulip bouquet we did for a sitting last week {wedding occurs this week fantastic anthro rooftop feel!} but all my blogging time is going towards working out new blog kinks until today of course when i came to that throw in the towel point, lets face it, i am no computer whiz! serves me right i suppose for teasing you to early on! changes are still coming, and yes i am back in the office and in full swing studio work. patience iago patience iago.

meet gabrielle .. our new intern from the life design transition program @ jordan school district.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

out of the office

one of my favorite brian valentine images

I will be out of the office wed april 7th until monday april 12th. all emails and phone call inquiries will be returned then! have a spectacular week!

*** blog changes to come next week be ready!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

mad hatter @ market street

studio stems recently accommodated the tables @ market street grill with these simple & fun mad hatter style centerpieces for a sorority event for Riehl Events. It was fun to do something so off the wall yet simple.

This time of the year is what we here @ studio stems(& many others in the industry) call 'consult season' so i must apologize for our lack of blogging we are very busy with other priorities. we have so many fun things happening here at the studio as well as fun designs in the process. we also have been contributing blog time to some blog changes that are soon to come so stay tuned.

Happy Easter weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A few weeks back we did a turquoise wedding, and though turquoise is a HOT color trend this year, bride's dont usually ask for their flowers to actually be that color. This bride came to me after a flopped bridal sitting bouquet that turned out more green then turquoise. She thought because i do some airbrushing that i could pull off what she wanted. it did take some persistence and i guess it paid off because i complied with her wishes and she got a perfect match on color thats for sure! a challenge non the less. thanks shalice!

the main focus of the bouquet was clearly the amazing casa lily lined with turq gems. painted mini callas brought some pow color and white roses, tulips, and lilies filled it up. small accents of silver foliage were also involved.

wrist corsages were budget friendly hand made wire cuffs with greens and white button mums and little bits of silver foliage.

the bridesmaids carried a single calla with a stem detail that they later dropped into a vase to double as a centerpiece. the men all wore classic white calla or rose bouts. We made a few centerpieces for variety, all of which were simple, a tall silver curly willow focus, short turq focus and of course the bridesmaids vases. simple and unique ... turq unique.

WORKSHOP NOTE: thanks to all of you who have expressed interest. I have decided to only do 5 travel workshops this year and 3 of those spots have been booked, so if your contemplating this at all please contact me ASAP as my own wedding schedule is also booking up! thanks!

Friday, March 12, 2010


This is the bouquet that i did for a collaborated shoot with Opie, that has been featured on the Opie blog as well as Utah Bride N Groom blog.

This shabby chic vintage style bouquet has been a hit! Something I created based on the inspiration the location of the shoot provides, {Details in Sugarhouse}. This was also one of my complimentary giveaway bouquets. It consisted of garden roses, peonies, ranucs, dusty miller & lisianthus. vintage blue ribbon wrapped it up!

And with that I think its time to put some workshop options out there ...

As many of my readers, clients, peers, etc. know I am a big believer in education, I seek and attend educational endeavors to better my own skills and craft on a regular basis. I also really enjoy teaching & sharing the wealth. I have been thinking long and hard about what I might have to offer in way of workshop education for the 2010 year, there has been a lot of interest in the last month or so via email and office calls, thanks for your patience while I contemplated how to best serve you! Last year I offered workshops that mainly involved doing a small wedding with Studio Stems, this year I think your tuition could be maximized by me coming to you!

In 2010 I am approaching education just like I approach working with my clients, in a very CUSTOM way. So all workshops will be tailored for the student based on their needs, therefor pricing will also vary and be tailored. But I promise that I will be reasonable and affordable. I am looking to primarily educate those outside of my immediate proximity and I am willing to travel within the U.S. That being said I love my home state and the artists who work here, so please still contact me if your interested, and also keep in mind how heavily interested I am in organizing a summit locally.

The concept: I do a wedding with you, your studio, or your shop as your mentor/employee/educator. While doing so I'll evaluate your process and help you perfect in both business, flower care & design. These workshops will last anywhere from 2-4 days based on each participants needs and can include and are not limited to ... pre design education and help for the scheduled event, order organization, market evaluation, marketing techniques, website/blog evaluation, client contracts, client interaction, client education, employee interaction, associate interaction & contracts, time maximization, finding inspiration & design, flower care, hydration, cooling, design concepts, floral production, bouquets, worn bridal party, aisle/ceremony, decor, centerpieces, on site interactions, client follow up and exposure for your great wedding completed.

Because Studio Stems is heavily booked in the summer season contacting me with your interest level and dates relatively soon may be a good idea. I can only come if I am not already booked! IF your interested please email me with your name, web and or blog address, email, phone number, event date or dates that your interested in, event details, where your at in the designing of that event, what you wish to learn, and the location of course. I will then thereafter be in contact and we will fine tune out the details of maximizing your floral education experience.

I look forward to working on your events & sharing the wealth!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Studio Stems News

There are so many great things going on at studio stems ... let me share

Get Married Mag

being published is always a spectacular compliment. But this particular mag came to me, i didnt submit to them and that feels really good that a national mag is keeping up on my work and they want it! you can find some of my work on pg 39 in their blooming blossoms section. what i adore about this mag .. you can view the whole thing online very easily! i will say there is nothing better then a tangible mag though and its worth the purchase.

Brideology ...

this educational endeavor was a success and something i think the planning bride should attend. An evening unlike any other full of tips, tricks, and insider info on many wedding avenues for which you will travel. just a few of us great teachers ...

cynthia @ enizio collaborated with Hilary @ alta moda to send a bride down the aisle to conclude the event in a gorgeous gown and professional hair & makeup. We provided a small posy bouquet of ranucs, garden roses, and gorgeous peonies.

All the vendors involved were and are so fantastic and these images are courtesy of darla roze photography! The lead on this event!

Promotional update ~ i recently have had a number of brides who really sincerely are appreciative of my work but cannot afford my min order policy. I have decided to go ahead and make the exception through the remainder of 2010 year for MID WEEK only brides. thats mon-thur. so weekenders will be held to the min order policy.

last week on UBNG a bouquet of mine was featured here ... i will have more details coming soon on my blog with some images and thoughts on this floral creation.

what more is to come besides that fantastic shabby chic bouquet ... workshop options, a turquoise event, & a mad hatter tea party!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a day with a sweet sweet blossom

There has always been a certain level of controversy that surrounds me and therefor that I end up being involved in, business/floral design is no exception. Education is hard to find locally in the floral industry and I crave it. Not only do I crave it, I find it necessary & rejuvenating. This means that I am willing to share my craft & as many of you know, I do. This is a rare found willingness I must say, it also comes with reservations, blink thoughts, and certainly caution, but I think for many years past this idea was more controversial then anyone would admit, but I also see the industry moving in a pleasing direction. I love to teach, I love to learn. I want to be a better florist, business woman, & designer and I am willing to admit that I need avenues of unique practice & other people to help me progress. So on occasion when I am feeling dry, resource-less & needy I go looking for it and then I ask.

Melissa w/Blossom Sweet & I have become acquainted over the last several months through our blogs and UBB, a I greatly admire many things about her art. So I asked for a collaboration educational day that would benefit us both. What a delightful day it was! Two artists whom share passion about the same thing with exceptional talent, enjoying each others strengths and weakness's. We both came away with a breath of fresh rejuvenation. Just what I needed.

Melissa's blog is outstanding and her own images of her work are also likewise. She taught me a few tricks of the photography trade she had figured out to benefit the wicked portfolio industry. {i have to insert here that i have many many photog friends who have helped me a great deal over the years {and you too megan} but i often dont feel like i can continue to bother you with what seems to be such non sense and more often then not i need to learn hands on!} Even though i am sure your sick of pictures of our Grand America Jan wedding I have to show you just a few more. That place is victoriasly beautiful yet really hard to photograph because of lighting and thus images of my work that I shoot {because i cant always rely on the photog} rarely turn out half decent.

a little magic can go a long way.

among many other things we also made bouquets together out of fresh product we picked out together and we discussed methods to our own madness along the way.

product used: button mums, anemone, roses, carnations, lily grass, & french tulips.
above is my bouquet.

below is the two bouquets together :)

{blossom sweet bouquet laying: studio stems bouquet standing}

Melissa - thank you dearly for a spectacular day! For sharing your craft with me & for helping me grow as an artist! I think a floral summit is inevitable ... all you floral friends ... whats your interest level?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Eve & Rob

could they be any cuter? for real this couple is my all time fav clients ever in a personal how we worked together and jived kind of way. This event was all Eve & Rob it was just simply them, just as it should be. this wedding is featured on utah bride blog today with much descriptive text so please do visit there for more info. here you will just find art photographed.

photography credit: fantastic mrs rebekah westover

venue: sundance

bridal party attire: big star jeans/matix

gown: nancy barruss/avenia bridal

lighting: alpine event rentals

PS: Eve's mom martha {gem of a woman} hired me to floral paradise out the honeymoon suite. unfortunately i do not have pro pictures of this but i do have a few that neens and i took. so ill post on our sneaky adventure soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Brideology is only 2 days away! A mere few precious seats remain! You may have waited to see what your plans were this week or to see if you have the night off ... now is the time to go to the site and register for a ticket! They are nearly gone and this is one bridal party you dont want to miss!

picture courtesy of Utah Brideology

photography courtesy of darla roze

makeup & hair courtesy of enizio

flowers studio stems

Thursday, February 11, 2010

courtesy of prima donna bride

i found this image yesterday while building a UBB inspiration Vday board ... it captured my artistic soul ... HAPPY ROMANCE DAY!

I will be out of the office from feb 11 - 16 all messages of any kind will likely be returned then ..

dont forget brideology is fast approaching ... only 20 tickets left!!! visit here for more info!

another event ... alta moda anne barge trunk show this weekend!!! the 12th & 13th @ alta moda of course!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

color choice

check out my post on UBB today!

picture courtesy of

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FREE giveaway

The vintage inspired bouquet has been taken ... i know bummer right? that seems to be the trend of the year so there are mass quantities of brides looking for that style. Purple passion has also been taken. but the other black, white, and yellow more edgy bouquet is still available. this time around i will post an inspiration pic of a bouquet that inspires me in regards to style and color but be aware that my bouquet will not be a copy. hopefully you know the drill but if your interested i need you to email me at with your name, contact information, photographer, wedding date, or bridal date, and image of your dress!

flowers done by: bella fiori
photography: jared wilson
mag: bride and bloom

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Brideology by definition: the science of bridal planning in all its forms and phenomena with reference to wedding, beauty, romance, entertainment, and education.

A must attend bridal education party will be held on the evening of February 18th 2010 at an exquisite location between Salt Lake and Utah counties. {want location? Visit site} Eight of Utah's leading wedding vendors will be gathering in this place, at this time {seven to nine pm} to share with you {the planning bride} a priceless no pressure educational experience.

You will learn the short & long term value of a professional photographer . what to wear to maximize your engagement pictures . the difference between film makeup and everyday makeup . bridal hair trends . current bridal gown and accesory fashion trends . the value of event design and great rental pieces such as linens . cake tasting . floral trends & the difference between your aunt betty's flowers, a shops flowers, and a designers flowers . costco catering or profesional catering and so much more!

These vendors are providing an priceless education to the planning bride, something that has not been done before. No strings attached just a night of fun! If you want to attend you must visit the brideology site and register, seating is limited.

Friday, January 29, 2010


today you can see the works and features of studio stems on UBB and a little tid bit on UTBNG check them both out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just a few snapshots (by me nothing glam) of the first wedding of 2010 for studio stems. Grand America, silver, white, and navy blue color scheme. several varieties of one type of centerpiece and also a crazy silver winter tree for the sign in. we used glass, urns, silver flute, silver candleabra's, and silver boxes as well as lots of bling and crystals. i hope on this one there will be more to come in a pro image format.