Tuesday, January 27, 2009

consulting season

these are all pics of the flowers we sent up to the market street open house last weekend. enjoy ...

this is the season of consults. so many brides are planning spring, summer and even fall weddings for the 09 year. january through march is studio stem's busiest office time! so i thought i would do a little post on the importance of coming to your floral consultation armed with as much information as possible and why. this week we will address what info we need pertaining to bridal party flowers and next week address floral decor needs.

first off we need to know your basic info, names & contact info for obvious reasons and we also need to know your event date and all locations and times pertinent to the event so we can coordinate your needs with appropriate timing for your fresh flowers, delivery, and set up. if you have an event cordinator at your venue contact info for them would also be important.

next we need to know who your photographer is and if you will be having a bridal/groomal sitting that will require fresh flowers and the date, time, and local if so.

Next its nice to have a close to accurate picture of the bride's gown and color swatch so that the design process can be maximized through proper proportional sizes and tones. its also great to have an idea of the color of tux and accessories the groom will be wearing.

next we need to know the quantity of men in the bridal party and what their attire entails. this means, fathers, grandfathers, groomsman, officiants, ring bearers and any other pertinent tux wearing male party memebers.

dido on the ladies but a little more extensive, if your having bridesmaids with fresh bouquets a picture and swatch of their attire is also helpful. quantities are also important. how many flower girls, mothers, and grandmothers and their attire and if they prefer pin on or wrist corsages, halo's or hair clips etc...

its important to have an idea of what your budget is so that our designs suit that budget and we dont waste your time and ours on designs that are not affordable for you.

its also important to bring swatches if exact color matches are desired and even if you dont need an exact match its still very helpful. there are a lot of shades of pink, understanding what you consider baby pink is best realized in actuality. also any pictures of things that lend to the style, mood, and creation of your event are helpful.

obviously pics of flowers you like in bouquets or otherwise is also very helpful.

let me just top this off by saying you dont have to know all this at your initial consult, though its helpful we wont kick you out or not help you if you dont have it. but we will lead you and guide you to obtaining this info and giving it to us!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

studio stems @ market street

market street's cottonwood location is having their annual wedding open house this coming saturday the 24th from 11-1 studio stems will be there!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

same bouquet ... better pics!

better pics courtesy of the most wonderful rebekah westover photography! shout out girl!

a bouquet for liz

I love LIZ she has been a fun delightful client. her wedding will take place in the cold month of february at the cozy resort in midway homestead. her sitting was yesterday and thus her sitting bouquet. green hydrangeas, red roses, redish purplish ranuculus, black monkey tail, green hyp berries, with a mixed collar of black feathers and greens. something cool about her wrap is it was made out of scraps from her dress, something i think should be done far more often especially for those girls who are having that key piece custom made. and goes so well with the ansamble. i will say that scraps can be difficult to work with given their shape but certainly something can be done, and why not? its fun!

Friday, January 16, 2009

candy buffet .... yummmmm!

a candy production in print! thanks to rebekah westover for the fabulous pics! this fabuluos delicious table of treats was produced by megan at pink piggy designs in conjunction with a little bit of studio stems. it was last fall for kristen and duke at the JSM building! pure fall delight! if your interested in a candy buffet please contact pink piggy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

venue spotlight .... brad metcalf gallery SLC

this is brad metcalf gallery 620 W 540 N (gerrard) salt lake city utah

not many wedding to be clients know that there is a plethura of places you would never expect that are avialable as a venue option. this is one of them! in fact this funky modern eclectic gallery has slashed its rates if you book before the 15th of april from:

regular weekday rate $600 to $360
regular weekend rate $900 to $540
regular holiday rate $1200 to $720

not a bad deal for a venue! call brad himself to view the space and set up an apt.

cell: 801-518-3459

studio: 801-883-9794

Thursday, January 8, 2009

starting out 09 being published

its a great way to start the year with publication that is. often times i do not even know that pics of my work have been published, photogs submit them not me. its a nice added bonus when a GOOD publication gives artistic credit! i havent picked up all the new publications so i am not sure whats out there. but for now here are a few from latter day bride ... courtesy of the wonderful dustin izatt photo!

a full wedding spread on aubrey & jareds event march of 08

a little bout bling to sharpen this already alarmingly sharp suit. thanks jonny!

i recently had a convo with my good friend photographer rebekah westover and we were talking about publication. she shared with me her theory on why a publisher pics specific weddings to print, flowers she said. the details, good ones make or break an event! i feel very honored that my work is good enough ...