Thursday, January 8, 2009

starting out 09 being published

its a great way to start the year with publication that is. often times i do not even know that pics of my work have been published, photogs submit them not me. its a nice added bonus when a GOOD publication gives artistic credit! i havent picked up all the new publications so i am not sure whats out there. but for now here are a few from latter day bride ... courtesy of the wonderful dustin izatt photo!

a full wedding spread on aubrey & jareds event march of 08

a little bout bling to sharpen this already alarmingly sharp suit. thanks jonny!

i recently had a convo with my good friend photographer rebekah westover and we were talking about publication. she shared with me her theory on why a publisher pics specific weddings to print, flowers she said. the details, good ones make or break an event! i feel very honored that my work is good enough ...


Dustin Izatt said...

I was glad to see that they gave you floral credit on Jonny's picture but disappointed that they didn't credit you on Aubrey and Jared's :( But we all know those fabulous flowers were all you girl :) You are the best florist in Utah and if anyone is in need of a florist, Audrey is a must ;)


Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

You deserve it my friend!