Tuesday, September 30, 2008

something blue

"something blue" - "As for the colorful item, blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. In ancient Rome, brides wore blue to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity. Christianity has long dressed the Virgin Mary in blue, so purity was associated with the color. Before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for wedding gowns, as evidenced in proverbs like, "Marry in blue, lover be true."

a tad interesting wouldnt you say? so there simply are too many blue items to post so i will be posting my favorite "blue" things in these categories, wedding dress, bridesmaid's dress, jewelery, centerpiece, bouquet, candy/favor and cake ... and that will just have to be enough cause this post could be either the biggest collage of the century or the longest post ever!

the dress

your peeps dress's

a little blue bling

centerpiece dont by bailey s hale floral design

i am a minimalist at heart so these both really appeal to me personally. the bottom photo was taken from here

love these earthy favor of the birds. jordan almonds are that much more delish in color. budget saving tip .... if you have the time, or shall i say your timing is appropriate stock up on blue candy at easter! it will save you loads to do this favor if your wedding is at another time of year. one of our clients offered this favor in a different style see that post here

and last but not least the icing on top of the cake! image one, two, three

well that finishes up the something series for now! hope you enjoyed! studio stems will be offering a discount to brides whose weddings are in oct or nov so booking now would be wise look for a post coming soon!

Monday, September 29, 2008

something borrowed

i just think all the somethings could be doubled up in one way or another! so i got that out just one more time ... ok that being said what does the something borrowed signify? the borrowed item is usually an item from a happily married friend or family member, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to carry over to the new bride. The borrowed item also reminds the bride that she can depend on her friends and family.

so i started to think about if i was getting married and following this old english tradition what would i want to borrow. here are my thoughts ....

if i was as gorgeous as becky i would borrow my grandmothers wedding dress!

the above pic is obviously of Becky's grandmother on her wedding day. the second photo is of becky at her grandmothers funeral wearing the wedding dress in honor of her grandma. my question is becky why didnt you were this beauty on your actual wedding? you look STUNNING! these pics are courtesy of RebekahWestover photography!

what about a tried and true item, jewelery? like i said before jewelery is great for any of the somethings! but nearly every woman i know has a good set of pearls. borrow someone's pearls, someone you admire in marriage!
this is whose pearls i would personally choose. this is my great aunt becky's pearls at her husbands funeral not too long ago. i dont know if they are real or not, i dont care! she has been happily married for over 65 years! she has been a great example to me of what unity really is!

my other thought was that i might want to wear my grandmothers wedding band/rings. maybe on my right hand, or perhaps my mothers. or a good friends. someone whom i know has had a splendid marriage. someone i aspire to be like. i know if a close friend or family member wanted my ring for a jaunt down the aisle i would be sure to borrow that thing right over, what a compliment!

coming soon ... something blue! this is where i will vear away from what the bride actually wears or carries .... just cant help it! flowers, cake, food, ribbon, so much to do with blue! stay tuned!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

something new

ok well what isnt "new" at a wedding? usually most everything that the bride adorns herself with and everything she purchases for her event as well. its a bit harder to be creative with the other somethings ... this one i could go on and on about cool "new" things to aquire for your event. that being said what does the new token symbolize? optimism and hope for the bride's new life ahead.

so i thought i would just show some of my fav's of a few things or just simply unique wedding trinkets to adorn yourself with.

lets start with the dress....

its hard to go wrong with jcrew bride!
this one is tempting for me ... tempting me to get married again! oh its a beut! unfortunatley i am not aware of where it comes from! gorgeous photography as well!

my girls have been watching this adorable good moral movie called penelope staring christina ricci. i love her wedding dress, but its her and her body that make the dress. it was hard to find a great pic of it ... best i could do. look at that waist line ....

this is a whimsical treat of an onsamble!

onto the shoes ... why is it that a lot of girlies are wearing flip flops or tenni's at least make them sick tenni's or dont do it at all. why? i guess cause you are practical and like comfort? but really isnt it true that shoe's make the outfit? comfort smumphort!

how can you resist these? i cant! and just think they are GREEN! you could be trendy at the same time and save the earth!

if you have to wear all white .... got to have some color! spice it up, show some character, make the outfit!

onto the treasured rings of unity

are you a geek? these are perfect for you then ... ethernet rings!
but if i was ring shopping right now i would head straight to ...

sorry no under attire pics this time around!

and onto a few really unqiue inspiring "new" bouquets that i hope someday one of my bride's will request, there is nothing better then getting to duplicate something you really really admire! so fun! in fact have me create a duplicate of one of these for your event and if you meet our minimum order policy with your other floral needs we will comp the bouquet ..... thats anywhere from $200-$1000 value!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

something series ...

where did the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" come from? well the real saying follows with "And a silver sixpence in her shoe" Its an english poem and each item in the poem represents a token of good luck and it is said that if she carries all of them on her wedding day that her marriage will be one that is happy.

lets start with something old .... symbolizes continuity from the past and into the future.

your mothers/grandmothers/great aunt's cameo broach could be just the perfect special something old (and i am wondering if you can double up and still account for a happy marriage? that is if your superstitous, because if you could this could be something borrowed as well, just make sure to give it back.) where to put it under the bussle of your dress, at the ribbon clutch adorning your bouquet, in your hair. jewelery is always a best bet for any of the something's to be honest. some other alternatives ....

perhaps a vintage gown like this beut worn by angelina in the "good Shepherd" available at the vintage wedding dress co

or this gorgeous vintage slip like dress (if i could be gorgeous i would look like this)

or this one

both available at isadoras

dare I?

suggest wearing something vintage under the gown?

or on your feet?

what if the something old did not have to be worn? but just incorporated into your event. perhaps in your centerpiece containers ....

or you could try carrying grandpa down the aisle ....

Friday, September 5, 2008


Studio stems is excited to announce that we will be joining creative minds with pink piggy designs to create an appendage to each of our individual companies in the form of a candy buffet company (yet to be named). We are looking for only a few initial clients to help us get this company off to a running start. These first few clients will receive our creative design services complimentary and will only incur the costs of the candy product. All vases, linens, and d├ęcor items will be provided by studio stems & pink piggy designs. Please contact us via email if your interested @ info@studiostems.com or info@pinkpiggydesign.com don’t forget your name, contact info, event date, and colors!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Welcome to the new blog! bookmark NOW! We here at studio stems have needed to create a new blog oh for about a few years now! ever since the name change a while back our blog address has never made much sense! at the beginning of each "industrial year" i think about it but dont do it, not this year ... i do. above is a pic of our ad for the next industry year. courtesy of the amazing megan at pink piggy designs! she also created the blog header and our logo for this year! we highly recommend her for any custom made paper goods of any kind that you might need!

the site has also received a little face lift check it out!

studio stems is open for fall bookings! call now!