Thursday, September 25, 2008

something new

ok well what isnt "new" at a wedding? usually most everything that the bride adorns herself with and everything she purchases for her event as well. its a bit harder to be creative with the other somethings ... this one i could go on and on about cool "new" things to aquire for your event. that being said what does the new token symbolize? optimism and hope for the bride's new life ahead.

so i thought i would just show some of my fav's of a few things or just simply unique wedding trinkets to adorn yourself with.

lets start with the dress....

its hard to go wrong with jcrew bride!
this one is tempting for me ... tempting me to get married again! oh its a beut! unfortunatley i am not aware of where it comes from! gorgeous photography as well!

my girls have been watching this adorable good moral movie called penelope staring christina ricci. i love her wedding dress, but its her and her body that make the dress. it was hard to find a great pic of it ... best i could do. look at that waist line ....

this is a whimsical treat of an onsamble!

onto the shoes ... why is it that a lot of girlies are wearing flip flops or tenni's at least make them sick tenni's or dont do it at all. why? i guess cause you are practical and like comfort? but really isnt it true that shoe's make the outfit? comfort smumphort!

how can you resist these? i cant! and just think they are GREEN! you could be trendy at the same time and save the earth!

if you have to wear all white .... got to have some color! spice it up, show some character, make the outfit!

onto the treasured rings of unity

are you a geek? these are perfect for you then ... ethernet rings!
but if i was ring shopping right now i would head straight to ...

sorry no under attire pics this time around!

and onto a few really unqiue inspiring "new" bouquets that i hope someday one of my bride's will request, there is nothing better then getting to duplicate something you really really admire! so fun! in fact have me create a duplicate of one of these for your event and if you meet our minimum order policy with your other floral needs we will comp the bouquet ..... thats anywhere from $200-$1000 value!


Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

I'd kill for a pair of those green shoes...!!!

Tiffany Izatt said...

wow what an awesome post!!! i love the fall color boquet the most and those green shoes are awesome