Tuesday, September 23, 2008

something series ...

where did the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" come from? well the real saying follows with "And a silver sixpence in her shoe" Its an english poem and each item in the poem represents a token of good luck and it is said that if she carries all of them on her wedding day that her marriage will be one that is happy.

lets start with something old .... symbolizes continuity from the past and into the future.

your mothers/grandmothers/great aunt's cameo broach could be just the perfect special something old (and i am wondering if you can double up and still account for a happy marriage? that is if your superstitous, because if you could this could be something borrowed as well, just make sure to give it back.) where to put it under the bussle of your dress, at the ribbon clutch adorning your bouquet, in your hair. jewelery is always a best bet for any of the something's to be honest. some other alternatives ....

perhaps a vintage gown like this beut worn by angelina in the "good Shepherd" available at the vintage wedding dress co

or this gorgeous vintage slip like dress (if i could be gorgeous i would look like this)

or this one

both available at isadoras

dare I?

suggest wearing something vintage under the gown?

or on your feet?

what if the something old did not have to be worn? but just incorporated into your event. perhaps in your centerpiece containers ....

or you could try carrying grandpa down the aisle ....

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