Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the beginning of the end of '09

Tis the season! it is upon us! i made this collage for UBB flower friday and i wanted to share the seasonal inspiration.

i have not been the blogger that i expect so that for sure means that your expectations have been disappointed. at this busy time of year some fun new things are coming the way of studio stems including several editorial publications even a cover! shhhh! a lot going on at UBB, new logo and web design and some fun new blog changes along with several posts like cereh & tarans wedding, amy's wedding and a few other odds and ends. Its been a spectacular year for studio stems. Its been a year of growth & change. Those are the years that really extend and push me and just like a difficult yoga class, feel so good in retrospect.

i want to thank all my clients this year! LIz S. MACU, Brooke H, Erika, Enizio, Sarah M, Jaycie, Maren, Megan P, Alysa, Joey & Nadia, Jacque, Katie, Breauna, Rachel, Halley, Brittany, Ashley L, Megan N, Whitney, Cereh, Amy Q, & last but very much NOT least Eve & Rob!

A big shout out needs to go to my partner in all business crime ... megan bailey w/pink piggy design and co-owner of UBB! I cant do this without you girl.

there are also so many other vendors that make me feel like i am part of a family and are a huge players in the success of studio stems. i want you all to know how grateful i am for your business & personal friendships!

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Turia said...

Thanks Audrey.. great post.
You are one talented, spectacular girl.

Cereh said...

Thank you Audrey! Your art work and passion is incredible! You truly were a saving grace for us and everything you created was wonderful! I am telling EVERYONE about you. :) Keep up the beautiful work.

Cereh & Taran McFarland

Darla said...

Thank you Audrey! I love working with you. I look forward to all the adventures that 2010 holds for us (O:

Megan Bailey - Pink Piggy said...


I think I need to be thanking you for being my partner and for everything you do for me! You truly are a huge talent that we are lucky to have in Utah and most of all I'm lucky to have you as my friend! To many more years together!