Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I very likely could be the poster girl for branding inconsistency! i never can find creative happiness in a logo that is everything i need and want it to be. That all being said i think this is closest to logo bliss i have ever been .... so here it is unveiled. the new branding for studio stems. i would like to say that it comes with a sealed stamp of long term consistency ... but if i say that it wont, if i dont say it at all then of course it will so lets not say anything at all! I also have to send HUGE shout out to megan of pink piggy designs for putting up with me! for creating yet another fabulous logo and for being a great friend and business partner! be sure to check out some fresh new tunes, ok so only 2 new songs i couldnt give up the rest as well as new logo and new images on the site!

I look forward with excitement to 2010 as studio stems continues to progress into something i can be proud of. This year much {and i do mean much} of my work is featured in local magazines as well as even a bouquet on a cover! So go pick up a copy of Utah bride and groom mag january 1st! (cause thats my fav!) Many local blogs will continue to feature the work and writings of yours truly including my own little spawn i share with megan Utah Bride Blog i will continue to write for Pink Blossom List starting back up in feb so for all your florists who follow be sure to find me there as well.

Outstanding 2009 events have yet to be blogged so look forward to that as we all look forward to another great year! Have a safe & joyful celebration of what has past and moving forward. Thanks once again to all of you that have supported me and continue to support me!



Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

Its daring -- I love it!!!

Darla said...

You and Megan did good. Love it and it sends the perfect message!