Monday, December 1, 2008

christmas bouquet inspiration

The season is upon us. for years and years this picture has been in my bouquet inspiration book residing in my office. most clients who see it tend to be a little turned off by it and think its weird but for most of my career to me its been the perfect winter wedding spin on bouquet. its different and unusual with a twist of design in its very element, perhaps even a similar description of me! i dare share it simply because in my search for winter inspiration to post my mind keeps drawing back to it. its a scan could not even find a remotely close picture online. i dont have the best scanner so please do excuse but also enjoy. Eliza's wedding is coming up this wknd so watch for pics!

FYI - studio stems will only be accepting 15 events for the 2009 year and nearly half are booked. so if your thinking you may want us ..... better jump on that horse.

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