Wednesday, February 11, 2009

decor in a consult

So this is part deux of consulting informational posts. when it comes to decor we need a lot more from you. starting with venue info and details as well as mood and style your trying to create.

how many centerpieces will you be needing? what color of linen will adorn the tables? are you interested in high or low pieces, a variety or keeping it simple? do you like multiple container styles and types? do you like glass, something organic, or solid? bringing in pictures of centerpieces that appeal to you is helpful but not necessary. bringing in pictures of your venue is also helpful.

knowing wether you are interested in buying or renting containers from studio stems is a good decision to make before consult. do you want to give them away at the end of the night? do you want to keep them? our rental program is really rather ideal, we allow you to enjoy the pieces in their containers for a few weeks and return the containers to us later at no extra charge. we have a large supply & variety of containers.

will there be a head table that needs to be signified and set apart from the rest? what shape of tables will you be using? traditional rounds or buffet, square perhaps?

will you be needing fresh cake flowers? if so your pastry artists info and sketch of the cake would be great. we also will need to know at some point what time the cake would be arriving on the venue site. we typically like to freelance cakes ourselves rather then handing that over to the pastry artist. if you need help with some recommendations for a cake artist or if you know that you want fresh flowers on the cake but not what style of cake you want yet then let us know that too we are more then happy to help.

a sign in piece? this is the first impression! do you need your sign in piece to incorporate seating assignment cards? if not will you need an extra arrangement for that or buffet decor?

what about aisle decor, do you need a floral runner of any type, or chair clutches, cones, or candles? perhaps pomander balls? and what about your ceremony location? can we help you adorn that? will you need to transition your ceremony spot into a reception and need us to adjust that with you or double up your ceremony decor into your reception?

are there any other locations of interest? and most importantly what budget do all your decor needs need to fit into?

this is sort of a good preliminary idea of what we will ask you in consult about decor needs so that you can be prepared and armed with as much or as little information as you want to provide!

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