Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is the second bouquet in my giveaway series ... it went to alysa. its a simple small clutch in a beadimir style, meaning layered. the center layer was perfectly fragrant and lovely hyacinths with a little bit of green bling, the second layer was gorgeous orange ranuculus, and the third was a looped satin ribbon collar. the stems were wrapped in black satin ribbon and a green gem lined topped it all off. this is also a budget friendly bouquet and depending on the size ranges from $75-$150. photo's are courtesy of one my favorite up and coming photogs jessie alexis photography!

so whats this construction business about? well please be advised our office & studio are UNDER CONSTRUCTION! so i am moving my studio and office and some good old renno needs to be done so for the time being all clients needing consultations i am sorry they wont be avialable in their usual plush environment ... barns n noble will have to do for the summer months!

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Kathy Daume' said...

Audrey, I had to pop on and tell you that I'm in love with this bouquet. If I had to do it over again, I'd totally have an all-orange wedding. And I love it paired with black! Wouldn't this bouquet be so fun for halloween (IF you could get the ranunculus' then)? It is so unexpected and drop dead gorgeous!