Sunday, August 2, 2009

la caille {haley}

i am always tempted to wait for pro photography to post pics but with such a busy season i could get behind on the blog for sure. but you all want to see it anyway right? regardless of my rusty photography skills {or lack thereof} and then you dont mind a trip down memory lane in a better way down the road do you?

so Haley got married the last weekend of July at the fabulous La Caille. This venue has a magical feel to it. Kind of like disneyland!

Her bouquet was unique in color but traditonal in shape and flower choice {with the exception of a little bit of monkey tail for some modern flair}. Sterling & amnesia roses, dark purple mini callas, & black monkey tail. Haley was all about wedding tradition and sentimentality. We included a small sprig of IVY in her bouquet to follow an old victorian tradition to plant the ivy sprig out of the bridal bouquet to be used in the bouquets of posterity. Ivy also represents wedding bliss & eternal fidelity.

bridesmaids carried small clutches of purple mini callas with a little bit of greens and a wrap that mimicked the brides wrap in custom purple fabric and black lace as well as matched their dresses.

The ceremony was at the gazebo area out amongst the ducks, peacocks, and swans in the delightful garden atmosphere. we hung a cone basket from the center of the gazebo that was drapped with hanging green amaranthus and a fresh bouquet of hydrangea, roses, and calla lilies. small paper cones also hung from the gazebo with single sterling roses inside them. Two large arrangements sat on cabaret tables in front of the gazebo pillars in large glass bow vases filled with hydrangea, amaranthus, dendro orchids, and roses. The aisle was lined with purple petals and the chair ends adorned paper cones with more petals for a colorful wedded walk down the aisle after the ceremony.

inside the atrium for the reception each table centerpiece was a tall cylindar classic glass vase with submerged dendro orchid stems. elegant and simple. the head table had a fuller arrangement with a lace collar to match the wedding party. The cake was a simple 3 tier with purple ribbon and a few clutches of fresh flowers freelance by yours truly.

i want to thank julia for great work assisting me on this event. Jules your a valuable asset to me! thanks!

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Utah Bride Blog said...

really beautiful! I love the lace wrapes and details!