Sunday, September 20, 2009

bad habits

i have become so reliant on the pro photogs for pictures that i have become reluctant to use my own. but sometimes the wait for those is just simply to lengthy and out of my control. you readers deserve more than that right? you'll suffer through my better then average but not better then a photog images right?

so this image is from rachel's event last week at log haven. i like this picture a lot because the focus is this english garden rose 'juliet'. english garden roses have been the focus of the last two big events here at studio stems. i have decided that if anyone every asked me what kind of flower i would be if i had to identify myself with one it would be this ... this exact color and variety of english garden rose. its plump yet beautiful. it also has more layers then an onion i swear and what better way to describe me! its also just another sneak peak but is my image which means ill get to photoshopping and get you a real post.

a few other things to watch for ... ashley larsens event, rachels event @ log haven, brittany's amazing la caille event, breauna's stunning experience, a few bridal sittings and a few other small but very nice weddings.

p.s. couch is gone.


Kayleen T. Photography said...

I think it's a great pic! And that flower is so beautiful and I love those little yellow puff flowers.

KEJ Photo Impressions said...

I think it's totally great that you don't want to make your readers wait, though! Good on ya! Hey, your photo shows your work well, too! I read your about me paragraph and I think what you're doing is so great. Keep it up!

Future Fosters said...

Audrey! You did an amazing job with everything. Thank you so much! Also... i'm still waiting on some photos, but log haven put some awesome ones on their blog.

Ella Bella Floral said...

Love the garden roses! That makes you very likeable too:)!!!