Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new blog .. no blog .... keep blog ... new blog ...

a sneak peak of a bouquet we did a few weeks back for a Riehl event that was spectacular. more to come ... but somewhere else!

Thought i better at least offer you something visual in this primarily textual post. SO i know i know the blog changes .. where are they? well in the end they really are only half way there! let me explain.

First off the inspiration behind the blog changes occurred months and months ago when i attended nancy liu chin's wedding floral academy in san fran. I learned a great deal about little ways i can improve my company many of which were of a technical nature. i came home with a huge list of goals and i chipped away at them one by one based on how i prioritized. a few months later i met with a good photog friend of mine and we also discussed these much needed technical changes and why. she got me motivated and inspired to indeed change my blog from a blogspot to an embeded wordpress. so it got moved up the list a little, then down, then up, then down. then i finally found the time to work on it. no easy feet if you want to structure and customize it yourself without paying someone for a template. and lets face it i aint the smartest techno tool in the shed. so after a significant amount of time trying to make it work and a trial and error period i have temporarily thrown in the towel. the change is partially there in the format of a wordpress blog, a new one that actually looks very similar to the old one with minimal changes but its not at properly embedded and therefor does not accomplish what its meant to.

this is not to say that i dont still believe in the reasons behind the needed change, i very much do! and i bet your wondering what they are ... so you'll have to go to the new blog {that doesnt quiet serve its full purpose to find out!} its more to say that i have great opps in my life regarding business all of which are great endeavors and intrigue me. and i just dont have the time to accomplish it all all at once. and so because of the frustrating nature of this project and its time consumption this far its stage will stop here for a time.

please please please bookmark the new blog!!!!

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Melissa Suzanne said...

1. Love the bouquet - excited to see more from the event!

2. Checked out the new/under construction blog. Looks very promising!

3. Honored to have made your "blogs that inspire me" list. Thanks thanks!