Wednesday, July 8, 2009

harley davidson

harley davidson as a venue? does it get cooler then that? this is a venue that she be more highly considered, that being said i think megan had a hook up so i dont know how keen the guys at harley would be on often hosting events. but the big glass doors and modern vintage architecture made one gorgeous and unique event. the amazing merchandise display tables doubled up as buffet tables and the dressing rooms in the middle of the store served well as backdrops for the cake and decor. everything was just so perfectly suited to this style!

megan's color scheme focused on whites for the most part, a little bit of green and some cool accent colors like bronze/copper/black/silver. we had large carn wreaths at the door and inside at strategic places, kept the centerpieces simple but cool, and bridal party flowers in theme with the venue.

thanks megan for letting me be part of your rockin event, it was a pleasure!

photography: the amazing & wonderful dustin izatt!

PS. i had a fab intern for this project! sunni you rock! thank you for your tips and teaching me!


Melissa Suzanne said...

That square wreath is to die for. bravo

Janet said...

what a gorgeous bridal bouquet!