Thursday, July 2, 2009


this is jacque taylor a local wedding photographer, she is my gorgeous client. rebekah westover is her photog & i am flattered to be her florist. when another industry vendor comes to you for their own wedding there are few things as truly complimenting. thanks jacque! she is so absolutely gorgeous that its hard to even focus on the bouquet but i thought this bridal sitting bouquet was a great post for the 4th of july weekend. i am really excited for jacque's upcoming wedding in august. her colors are red, green, gray & black. a stunning combination. bouquet = two varying tones of red roses, mini callas, and cymbidium orchids. collared in black feathers and wrapped in the perfect gray with a stunning broach.

studio stems will be "out of the office" for the remainder of the week
but tomorrow you can see more of my work/tips on other blogs {pink blossom list} & {Utah Bride Blog}

photography courtesy of: rebekah westover photography

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Kayleen T. Photography said...

Love the feathers and such a cool color combo! Rebekah did an amazing job with the photos!